Applicable from: 31 August 2015.

The following service level agreement (“SLA”) constitute an agreement between you and Corp., and its affiliates (“Netpublica”). This SLA governs your use of Software and Services (as specified below).

For purposes of this SLA "Software" means all software programs distributed, published or otherwise made available by Netpublica or its affiliates including, but not limited to softwares, downloadable/installable software extensions for server, and websites accessed by means of a browser or other online communication method. Software also includes updates and upgrades as well as accompanying manual(s), packaging and other written, files, electronic or on-line materials or documentation, and any and all copies of such software and its materials.

“Services” means all services made available by Netpublica, including but not limited to services accessed through websites, by means of a browser or by other online communication method.

Software and Services are collectively referred to as “Netpublica Services”.

If you do not accept the terms of this SLA, do not install, use or access the Netpublica Services.

1. General Regulations

Netpublica, provides support services to you only when it's expreselly mentionned that support service is included in the software you ordered or only if you ordered support service for the software. The Netpublica Technical Support Service helps to settle problems outlined in this document according to the established Service Level Agreement. Before you address your question to the Technical Support Service, you should study the Setup Guide available about your Software at the Help section of website. Questions that are out of the scope of technical support should be directed to our sales or contact department. Netpublica, technical support does not provide implementation, training, consulting, development or hosting services.

2. Service Level Agreement

Technical support requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Maximum response period is within 24 hours on business days. Requests that require immediate response or direct help of tech support specialists may be processed out of turn. The problem-solving period depends on the request urgency, problem complexity and the potential need to hand the request over to the development department.

The technical support service cannot guarantee the fixed problem-solving period because there are a number of influencing factors:
- Client's timely replies
- Response time of a third party company
- The need to prepare and release a software update, etc.

The response period depends on the current technical support service workload and can take less time than stated in the regulations. Sometimes, a problem can be solved immediately upon the receipt of a request or additional information from a client or user. The response of technical support specialists should never exceed the maximum response time defined for a given support level. In this or a similar situation, making a phone call to the sales department or creating posts in the forum has no practical consequence because it will not accelerate the problem-solving process. The maximum response times are defined below.

The following support service levels are provided by the Netpublica technical support team:
- General software operation problems
- General questions about the software installation and configuration and or parameters to set
- The maximum response time is 24 hours on business days

*Depending on issue complexity and priority, issues may not be resolved on first communication and may require multiple business days.
For faster problem resolution, Netpublica engineers may also need to replicate certain problems locally, remote into a Netpublica instance and collaborate with you to perform further diagnosis.

You will receive a follow-up communication regarding support request within 24 hours on business days

- Requires maximum effort from Netpublica and you, until an emergency fix or bypass is developed and available - Critical situations may require both you and Netpublica technical support service to be at their respective work locations on an around-the-clock basis

3. Chat Support SLA

Purpose and Priority (Chat):
Netpublica chat is intended to provide individuals with an online, interactive method to request and receive basic information and troubleshooting assistance. Support is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Incoming chat requests to Netpublica support will be answered on a first-come first-serve basis and may be queued for response as technicians become available.

Individuals Supported (Chat):
Netpublica chat is intended for who ordered a Software that expreselly mention that support service is included or who ordered support service for the software.

Scope of Service (Chat):
Netpublica chat is intended to offer quick assistance on simple questions. Technicians will attempt to address any issue that an individual might call Netpublica Support for or open a normal ticket via email/portal. Netpublica chat can provide a status on an existing ticket. However, if that ticket needs further work that is outside the scope of the chat session, or requires referral to another department, the request will be transferred to dispatch. Individuals asking complex questions that will require in-depth troubleshooting, configuration or instruction may be transferred to an engineer with availability for the subject matter or transferred to dispatch for scheduling purposes. High priority issues such as server downs or critical business-affecting conditions will be transferred to dispatch for proper handling. Chat sessions are intended for Netpublica to offer quick assistance and may not be the most efficient method to handle complex troubleshooting situations. If such a complicated session lasts longer than 15 minutes, we may refer or transfer the request for service as outlined above. If a chat session goes 10 minutes or longer without a response from you, we reserve the right to end the chat in order to provide prompt service to all waiting chat sessions. Netpublica do reserve the right to triage chat service based on the need to meet complex or server down issues. If chat service is unavailable, please email via normal methods for contacting support.

4. Technical Support Scope

The following problems are outside of the technical support scope:
- Training
- Consulting
- Implementation
- Custom Solutions
- Development
- Product Management
- Product Updates & Maintenance

The following topics are within the scope of technical support:
- Investigation and elimination of license key problems occurring during software update
- Detection and elimination of problems that might be caused by an incorrect product update installation process

The following topics are outside of the technical support scope:
- Managed upgrades or migrations

The following topics are within the technical support scope:
- Errors caused by the Netpublica software that are unrelated to environmental, hardware, or OS errors

The following problems are outside of the technical support scope:
- Environmental, Hardware or OS errors not caused by Netpublica Software
- Development Questions

The following problems are within the technical support scope:
- Explanation of general principles of integration of Netpublica products in the design using the software documentation or training materials

The following problems are outside of the technical support scope:
- Consultation on general principles of programming
- Implementation of custom, user defined logical operations and algorithms
- Diagnosis of any 3rd party software code or any of its components
- Development of custom components or scripts and software modules
- Modification of code of the existing system modules or components to adapt them for specific business tasks
- Miscellaneous Questions

The following problems are within the scope of technical support:
- Explanation of functions of the system modules not included in the documentation
- Software licensing policy explanation
- Netpublica built-in system security enhancement questions

The following problems are not within the technical support scope:
- Requests for development of new product features or product improvement requests:
- Requests for additional product documentation:
- Requests for additional training, walk-throughs, video issues:

5. Technical Support Procedure

Contacting Support

The technical support procedure is initiated by a technical support request posted in a technical support ticket. A technical support ticket can be submitted by you in a number of ways:

Sending an email to: Portal

Ticket Expectations

Each technical support ticket should include the following information in order to reduce the resolution time:
- The problem description and the step-by-step procedure to reproduce the error (if possible)
- Component, Location or Netpublica Technology Area
- The technical support specialists may inquire about information concerning the server software configuration and versions, and the configuration of a client's software
- All problems should be described using commonly accepted software or hardware terminology
- Each time a client submits a technical support ticket or sends a message that is further accepted and regarded by the Netpublica technical support staff as a technical support ticket, the system automatically generates and sends a notification stating that the issue will be taken care of according to the SLA
- After the Netpublica technical support staff has received a ticket, the client receives a notification, which includes the technical support ticket information with a unique service ticket ID. If technical support is done via email, you must preserve the ticket ID in the e-mail message subject field during the whole period of correspondence with the Netpublica technical support staff. The forthcoming messages are appended to the initial message automatically. You can view the full correspondence in the technical support section at the portal
- When creating a ticket or sending a support request via e-mail, you can include screenshots and other images that can help to identify and resolve the problem. Screenshots are to be created in PNG, GIF, JPG formats.
- Answers to the common FAQs may be given in the form of web links to corresponding pages of the online documentation, documentation download page, Netpublica Sotware forum topics or the FAQ section answers

Reasons for Ticket Delays

There are a number of circumstances that can delay or even abort the problem solving process:

Lack of information required to resolve the problem:
- A problem cannot be reproduced using a similar hardware configuration or a client's website cannot be accessed using the authorization information provided in the technical support ticket
- The problem requires custom improvements of Netpublica products that are currently being developed or not planned to be included into a later product release at all
- Improper use of Netpublica products, exceeding of the allowed number of software installations, or general violation of terms and conditions of Netpublica EULA (End User License Agreement) and/or Netpublica SLA (Service Level Agreement)
- Use of unlicensed copies of Netpublica products
- The question is beyond the Netpublica technical support service scope
- Incorrect, incomplete or misleading information given by the client