Setup Guide | Dragonpay for Ecwid


  • merchant account (contact them in direct about it)


  • Dragonpay for Ecwid (hosted connector) being in "Active" status, connector status can be found within your account


  • account, it's can start by a free Plan

  • Login to your Control Panel


  • In Ecwid Control Panel, go in Settings >> General >> "Formats & Units" Tab


  • At "Currency" drop-down list, set currency to Philippines Pesos or US Dollars as only these currencies are supported by Dragonpay Gateway


  • Important: Dragonpay Test Account only support Philippines Pesos



  • In Ecwid Control Panel, go in Settings >> Payment >> "Payment Methods" Tab


  • We will be only working with line "Credit or Debit card" Payment method, but at the end all Dragonpay payment methods will be supported (OTC Cash payment, ATM, online banking):




  • Edit the payment method name:



  • At first line, rename it to Dragonpay and apply:



  • Click on "Instruction for Customer":



  • Type Payment description as "Title"


  • Type Pay over-the-counter with Cash Payments (you will receive email instruction from Dragonpay) OR Pay Online as "Instruction" and Save:




  • Click on "Choose payment processor":



  • In the drop-down list, at "For other countries" section, select Credit Card: SIM


  • Info: account is not required, the Dragonpay for Ecwid connector is just using same communication protocol as






  • API Login Id:

Insert Dragonpay Merchant ID provided by


  • Transaction Key:

Insert Dragonpay API Password provided by


  • MD5 Hash Value:

Insert a Passwords with a maximum length of 20 characters (including spaces if there are) ; We strongly recommend you create this password with this online generator


  • Transaction Type:

At the drop-list select "Authorize and Capture"


  • Advanced settings:

- Click on "Advanced settings"

- Click on "Change" to edit Endpoint URL

- Change Endpoint URL to:


- Save Endpoint URL


  • Enable test mode (no charges):

- This option must be unticked


Info: The use of Dragonpay Test mode can only be set at the Connector Settings within your account


  • Save:

- The entire form must be saved by clicking on "Save"




  • Dragonpay Payment Method is now enabled:



  • In Ecwid Control Panel, go in Settings >> Design >> "CSS Themes" Tab


  • Click on "New CSS Theme" button:






  • (1):

Rename Theme Name to: My custom change to default theme


  • (2):

Copy and paste this content:


div.ecwid-PaymentMethodsBlock-PaymentOption:nth-child(1) div.ecwid-PaymentMethodsBlock-PaymentOption-htmlBlock {
background-image: url(;
div.ecwid-PaymentMethodsBlock-PaymentOption:nth-child(1) div.ecwid-PaymentMethodsBlock-PaymentOption-htmlBlock img {


  • (3):

Click on "Activate"



  • Login to your account


  • Click on Manage Connectors:




  • Click on Dragonpay for Ecwid:






  • Merchant ID:

Insert Dragonpay Merchant ID provided by


  • Merchant API Password:

Insert Dragonpay Merchant API Password provided by


  • MD5 Hash Value:

Insert the same value you inserted before at Ecwid for "MD5 Hash Value" field in Ecwid Control Panel, go in Settings >> Payment >> "Payment Methods" Tab >> "Account details" at Dragonpay line.


  • Shop ID:

Optional only: Shopping Cart ID (maximum length of 80 characters) to be used with Multi-Cart Redirector for Dragonpay. With Redirector you can share your Dragonpay account with multiple systems. Redirector broadcast communication to up to 25 different shopping cart installations ; Only one single Dragonpay account needed!


  • Relay Response URL:

The URL to use can be found In Ecwid Control Panel, go in Settings >> Payment >> "Payment Methods" Tab >> "Account details" at Dragonpay line:


Copy and paste your Relay Response URL:

Where XXXXXXX is your store ID you can find in all Ecwid account page's footer at the left side.





  • Shopping Cart Return URL:

Insert here your Ecwid store home page URL



Ecwid do not display particular order confirmation notice when customer return from Dragonpay website to your Store, but at store, customers can go at "your account" top menu & "orders" tab, to see the order status, and also customers receive email automatically from Ecwid and Dragonpay at each order status update.


  • Gateway Mode:

Can be Test or Live Mode


Above Dragonpay API Password used, must match to the given Dragonpay merchant account selected here (Test or Live)



- Before doing real money transactions, you should always test first, so please use first Test Mode.

- Test orders: With Test Mode set at your connector settings, at your shop checkout there will be redirection to Dragonpay Test Website and by selecting there the Bogus Bank Online (with any id and password) OR the Bogus Bank Over-the-Counter, you will be able to test without real money transactions.


  • Connector Logs:

Enable this if you want Log Connector events, such as Transaction initiated, Web Redirection, Dragonpay Notification, inside: "Logs" Tab


  • Important, Communicate to Dragonpay support your:


- Postback URL:

- Return URL:




Dragonpay Ecwid
Status Code Description Previous Payment Status Updated Payment Status
P Pending None Awaiting Payment (Case Over-The-Counter)
S Successfully Paid None (Case Online Banking)
Awaiting Payment (Case Over-The-Counter)
F Failure Awaiting Payment Cancelled
U Unknow None or Awaiting Payment Awaiting Payment
R Refund Paid Refunded
K Chargeback Paid Refunded
V Void None or Awaiting Payment Cancelled
A Authorized None Awaiting Payment



  • Refund:

To make a refund you must initiate it from your Dragonpay account and Payment Status at Ecwid will be automatically updated.


  • Merchant TxnId vs Order ID

- Merchant TxnId used with payment gateway is non-public within Ecwid, it's that way Ecwid work, it's mean merchant TxnId, can only be see (1) in the Connector Logs at "Shop Order Ref" column OR (2) within your Dragonpay account at a given transaction detail.

- The displayed "Order ID" that can be see in Ecwid, was only send to payment gateway within the transaction "Description" field, it's that way Ecwid work.


  •   When Dragonpay support confirmed your Postback and Return URLs are set at your Dragonpay Account, you can start testing. See instructions here



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