The beginning...

Starting in 2009, Netpublica was originally developing .RE domain name extension for the Real Estate

Our mission...

Our mission is to build new Internet products to enhance e-commerce integration and develop customers brands.

With teams in the US and in Europe, the focus is on helping customers. Below are the recently launched or acquired products on the Philippine market. ; ;

Our Founder...

Founder and CEO
CEO and Founder

Serge Frankin has 15 years experience in online media entrepreneurship, web development, and customer satisfaction. In 2009, Serge founded NetPublica, a technology company originally registered in La Reunion Island, France. The company develops international web address ending in .RE as dedicated top-level domain (TLD) for the Real Estate professionals. He launched the first online domain name registry system that grants international customers and Real Estate businesses to register .RE domain names, making www.domain.RE as official member of .RE Registry. In 2014, Serge founded Corp., WY USA, to revolutionize e-commerce integration by offering easy tools. Serge has an Industrial Chemistry Diploma from the School of Chemistry in Liege, Belgium.

It's More Fun in The Philippines...

DCOM 2014 DCOM 2014

Serge Frankin, CEO and Founder at Corp., presenting 'Understanding gTLDs and Domain Extensions: New Marketing Perspective' - 2nd Digital Commerce Summit 2014 - SMX Comvention Center, SM Aura, Taguig.

Aspiring team for the Philippines

2nd Digital Commerce Summit 2014 - SMX Comvention Center, SM Aura, Taguig.

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